AOM is a global media investment holding, production and marketing solutions company

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African Overseas Media Limited (‘AOM’) is a global media investment holding, production and marketing solutions company. Our vision is to invest in and promote global media and intellectual assets across all forms of media including television, audio, broadband and mobile to broadcasters, channels and other developing platforms throughout Africa and other emerging market economies.

Key pillars of AOM include:

Media and related assets and services
Data analytics and related software
Marketing solutions

Witha focus on accessibility and sustainability, AOM offers a range of services including:

1. Media and Related Assets and Services
  • Rights packaging and distribution

  • Execution of and management of contracts with its partners and broadcasters

  • Studios, film and production services

  • Investment in and building of channels

  • Media Automation

2. Data Analytics and Related Software and Research
  • Data analytics

  • Digital asset management

  • Broadcast monitoring

  • Research

3. Education
  • Digital education and related services

  • Technology enhancements including artificial intelligence

4. Marketing Solutions
  • On the ground and digital marketing, and promotion of assets

  • Active advert and promo monitoring

  • Reputation management


Sustainability of Stakeholder Relations

The AOM management team has a long history of successful stakeholder engagements. Its management team have been involved in amongst other media related and general investments:

  • Establishing Africa’s first privately owned free-to-air television station and the most-watched 24-hour news channel in the territory;

  • Founding Africa’s first wildlife film festival;

  • Executive produced films and tv franchises;

  • Music and radio start-ups.


AOM has a strong culture for promoting high quality corporate governance and reporting.

An Impeccable Social Investment Record

A fundamental aspect of AOM’s philosophy is social investment. Its partnerships with local African philanthropic foundations and initiatives, has allowed it to make significant contributions to the communities in which it operates in.


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